VaraSiddHi Vakils

  is a

      Law Umbrella.


Motto is FIAT JUSTITIA = Let There Be Justice

We believe in Right Litigations and not Right to Litigations

Law Umbrella VaraSiddHi Vakils provides services in all areas of law and in each city has associates who could represent particular area of law. We however, takeup any area of law. Our Strength being Research and limiting clients for better service.

Our ambition is however are for providing service to the weaker section and public actions pro bono. We will be interested in getting areas of public interest whiich may be dealt with. However, if you refer us the issue, you must be in the forefront and bear the minimum costs, which in suitable cases we will bear.

We have our network associates at

Karnataka India - Bangalore,

Maharashtra, India -Mumbai,

New Delhi India- New Dethi,

West Bengal - Kolkatta

Tamil Nadu- Chennai, Tiruchirappalli and Coimbatore

Andhra Pradesh- Hyderabad

We will be growing in areas of work in all major cities, including cities we are present

for areas our associates do not practice. Law firms Interested Aligning with our

service standard and motto can Contact us.

VaraSiddHi Vakils



Adv. Aiyer VLV


Adv.G Siddappa

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